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Our mission is to provide a gateway into the world of an open financial system

Who We Are

Nestled in the heart of Toronto, Ontario, Atra Exchange is a leading retail cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to its clients. We are spearheaded by a team of coveted professionals, financial experts, and traders who strive to make things easy for the common man. As the cryptocurrency boom continues to take over the world, our company is at the frontlines, enabling people, regardless of their experience, to realize their crypto exchange goals effortlessly.


What makes us different?

Atra Exchange deploys game-changing tactics to extend greater convenience to the client. We fully recognize that every cryptocurrency enthusiast has their unique requirements. Not one trader is similar to another, thus, the way they are served should also be equally diverse. At our cryptocurrency exchange, we offer a treasure trove of digital assets for buying and selling with ease!


Our user-friendly retail crypto exchange welcomes both amateur and professional traders through a streamlined service.


End to end Support

Facing difficulties? Don’t worry! Our support team will be right by your side to lend a helping hand. From information inquiries to payment complexities, we ensure you’re able to complete transactions with our guided expertise every single time.


Pay by cash, debit, bank, or e-transfers! Our diversified range of payment options ensures that nobody is left hanging. After all, not every trader has the same preference which is why we make sure our exchange caters to all!

Variety of Digital Assets

Trade and exchange over 500 emerging and popular cryptocurrencies through Atra Exchange. Be it bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, or doge, we’ve got them all at our retail store just for you!

Highly Secure

We offer excellent security measures to ensure a safe and incredible experience for our clients.

Instant Verification

Our quick sign-up and verification process also made us a preference among crypto enthusiasts. Once verified, you can trade digital assets with ease.

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