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Buy and Sell Instantly

Never miss out on an opportunity! Buy and sell a wide range of cryptocurrencies including popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DOT as well as emerging ones like Solana, SRM, and BNB! Our system is built to support traders and investors in their quest for seamless transactions. Maximizing client convenience is our top priority which is why we make instant trading possible. Needless to say, there are no queues nor frustratingly long wait times at our retail office.

Blockchain consultation

Navigating the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is exciting. Due to the volatile nature of the markets, however, you must proceed with caution! At Atra Exchange, we offer much more than just money transfers. Our best-in-class experts have been avid players in the market for years now. Guided by experience, passion, and integrity, our blockchain consultants can help you improve your trading regimen through improved strategies, recommendations, and advice regarding portfolio management. This service is wholly educative, free of any financial claims or promises. Our goal is to help you develop a proper understanding of the markets based on information derived from technical and fundamental analyses.

Over the counter

Settling large trades of $25000 or above can be a massive hassle. It’s risky to just go through any retail outlet, after all, exchanging such big amounts of money can go awry without effective measures. When you use our over-the-counter services, however, we make sure that the process is secured from start to finish. Unlike other exchanges, we have put advanced mechanisms in place to guarantee seamless settlements. Whether you’re in the US, Canada, or Europe, our OTC solutions have you covered. You must simply visit our facility, rely on our professionals to initiate trade settlement, and wait until the money is in your hands! Yes, it’s that simple!

Buy and Sell Instantly

Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and 500+ other cryptocurrencies can be traded instantly.

Blockchain consultation

Our best in the world team can offer you all kind of consultation in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.


Quick settlement for large trades $25,000+ covering Canada, US, and Europe

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