What Is ‘‘Metaverse’’? Why Does Everyone Speak About It?

‘‘Metaverse’’ is used these days by famous people from Mark Zuckerberg to Microsoft’s CEO. In December Facebook company’s name was changed to Meta. Now all Facebook apps have been working under the name of Meta since this December. Meta (formerly Facebook) has invested more than $10 billion dollars on Metaverse and has hired so many tech engineers for its Metaverse project. After Facebook, more news came up every day about companies such as MSI that had started their investing on Metaverse. And here’s how the Metaverse story started.


How was the “Metaverse” created?

Metaverse consists of two words: ‘meta’ and ‘universe’. Which shows a universe beyond our universe where we are living. It was first used in a science-fiction novel named “snow crash” in 1992, Neal Stephenson the writer, created this word for his novel. In this novel, there is a virtual world among the real world, where people have their avatars and there are 3d buildings and everything happens in the Metaverse. After that it was followed by interested cyber-citizens.


Examples for Metaverse

Today the Metaverse is mostly connected to virtual reality games and cryptocurrency. There are some games such as: Fortnite and Roblox, you may have played before. In this game assets are converted to tokens and gamers can sell and buy assets from a different game via crypto. But Metaverse is much more than games. it will be used in any aspect of life. Some examples are listed below to explain more about it.

1.Metaverse for working

during the pandemic many of us experienced online meetings and colleagues’ gatherings. The meetings are more efficient in Metaverse where everyone has avatars and attends the meeting with their avatars. It is more detailed and feels much more real from long distances.

2.Metaverse for education

we live once in this world. There are lots of things to learn, many courses to attend, sometimes you have to travel to another city to take a course. With Metaverse education and educational sources are integrated and you can learn anything you want much easier than before. another example is finding your favorite job and field of study in school and higher educations, in the past there were limited jobs and it was easy to pick one but today new jobs are invented every day, by Metaverse you can experience the job you want and then you will find out either you like it or not.

3.Metaverse for tourism and traveling

one good example for traveling is pandemic restrictions which closed the borders otherwise time is the matter. In the Metaverse you can ski on snowy mountains when you are sitting at your home during a hot summer.

4.Metaverse for entertainment

you can join a concert on the other side of the world. It is much more different from online concerts since you feel much more involved and just like you are there also you can attend the concert with your friends all around the world.

5.Metaverse for shopping

there will be a better and more real experience in online shopping for example you can wear a cloth to see if it fits you or not. Also goods will be closer to their real item.


Metaverse vs. internet

Metaverse needs extended reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, social media, wearable tech, cryptocurrency, NFTs, VR and AR headsets and much more to be run. There is a long way to experience living in the Metaverse. It seems that Metaverse is an extension of the internet we already use. It is like a more decentralized internet rather than a centralized one. People will live with their avatars in the Metaverse. Zuckerberg believes that Metaverse will be an upgraded virtual version of the internet. Where the internet is more than 2d web pages and social media.


The bottom line

We cannot avoid the Metaverse whether we like it or not there is a new age beyond us, although it will take time, surely it will happen. Still many changes and developments are needed. Metaverse cannot be run by one or two companies, the wide network and lots of fundamental technologies are needed. Also there are always moral concerns and criticisms about a new phenomenon. We have to see what will happen in the next few years and how far will the Metaverse go.


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