What Is Boxing Day in Canada and What Do People Do on This Day?

The day after Christmas, December 26, is called boxing day in Britain, Canada and some other commonwealth countries such as Australia and New Zealand. It is a national holiday in Canada. People go shopping on this day as there are many sales at really good prices. Also there are some sports competitions that are held on this day. When the 26 of December comes to Saturday or Sunday, the following Monday will be the official public holiday.


What is the tradition of boxing day?

There are two stories behind the boxing day tradition. One believes that in the past centuries on the day after Christmas, masters gave a box of gifts and food to their servants and made that day off for them so the servants would go home and took the boxes to their families. Also the poor and tradespeople were given such boxes mostly filled with Christmas leftover food and goods inside. Another believes that boxing day was derived from the alms boxes in church. There were alms boxes in churches for the whole year, which people would donate their money there and the day after Christmas the boxes were opened and the donations were distributed among the poor. However today this donation happens before Christmas.


What do people do on boxing day?

Boxing day has been held with several sporting events from the beginning. One of the traditional events among the riches was fox hunting. In 2005 Britain banned hunting but still there is modified foxhunting on this day. The other modern competitions are horse riding, actual boxing, hockey, cricket, soccer and even some charity running events.

Today mostly people know boxing day as an off day to go shopping and spend time in sales. Since the malls and shops open early in the morning just after Christmas, they offer their goods at lower prices than they do during the rest of the year. Besides, people visit their family and friends on this day. However, the true aspect of this day is considering the poor especially at this time of the year so there are also many charity runs during boxing day such as charity events and competitions.


What to buy on boxing day sales?

If you want to go shopping on boxing day despite staying at home or visiting your friends this means you are ready for a shopping battle which starts with parking. During the pandemic most shops hold their sales and black Friday online. But this year thanks to vaccination and the reduction of the health restrictions there are many shops to find. However, you may prefer online shopping. These are some guides for a better shop and suitable goods to buy listed below:

1.have a checklist

Consider your needs and wants and make a priority of them. List them from most need to least one. It is good to have a checklist and tick away what you buy.

2.stay up to date

Try to follow the shops which have your needs and compare them. Be aware of the better prices or added features. shopping

You can save time and compare the shops much better via online shopping.

4.plan for the new year

You may want to have changes on decoration or a bigger television. Sometimes next birthdays are ahead and you may buy gifts for months later. So before the sales it is recommended to have an over look at your next year special days such as birthdays, anniversary, valentine etc.

5.know your budget

Put away your sale budget and plan it for your different stuff. out the sale traps

Be sure that an item you want is your need and there is a huge difference between the sale price and the real price for you otherwise you may not really need that item or if the discount is not that much higher maybe it’s better to buy at a proper time.

7.some items to buy in sale

These are some common items which you may also need for the new year: clothes, laptop, shoes, video games, mobile phones, home goods and decors, furniture, carpet, car, cameras and other devices.

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