The Best Bitcoin Wallets in 2022, 4 Wallets Introduced

Although there are over a hundred wallets with different names for Bitcoin, here we introduce only 9 wallets.

The following wallets store private keys (assets) on the device or physical environment, and other than the user himself has no access to the assets. The introduced wallets are non-trusted and there is no risk of sanctions or capital blocking in these wallets.

In preparing this list, criteria such as security, number of installations, various features, and user feedback have been included.

Do not forget that the wallets on the exchanges keep the assets in the form of a trust (custody) and the control of the assets is not in the hands of the users themselves. Among the activists in this field, safe storage space is not considered a wallet, and in this article, we mean wallets that leave full control of assets in the hands of the user.

The following wallets are currently the best options available for storing Bitcoins:

Trust Wallet (mobile) – the best option for beginners

Ledger wallet (hardware) – the most secure option

Trezor wallet (hardware)

Mycelium wallet (mobile)

BlueWallet (mobile)

Electrum wallet (desktop and mobile) – the best option for professionals

Exodus wallet (desktop and mobile)

Bitcoin Wallet (mobile) wallet (under the web)



1.Trust Wallet

Trust mobile wallet is without exaggeration one of the best bitcoin wallets; Especially for new users. This free wallet is available on Android and iOS and belongs to the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. However, the software stores the private keys on the user’s device, so neither Binance nor anyone else can access the assets except the owner.

Trust Wallet, which supports thousands of other coins and tokens in addition to Bitcoin, has earned the title of the most popular cryptocurrency wallet with more than 10 million installs and a 4.6 rating on Google Play.

This wallet supports all important security features for a wallet such as a password, pin, backup, fingerprint lock, and face lock (if the phone supports it).


  • high security
  • Easy user interface
  • Support for thousands of coins and tokens


  • Only available for mobile.



2.Ledger hardware wallet

One of the most secure options for storing Bitcoin is a hardware wallet, and the French company Ledger is currently the largest manufacturer of this type of wallet.

Ledger hardware wallets store private keys completely securely and offline and have more layers of security than software wallets.

The Ledger Nano S model is the most famous product of this company. With a price of about 60 dollars, this wallet is one of the most economical options among all hardware wallets.

Ledger has another model called “Nano X” which has more features such as a better screen, Bluetooth, and battery. It is worth noting that both wallets are almost the same in terms of security. The price of Model X is twice as high, about 120 dollars.

Recently, a newer model named “Nano S Plus” has been released, which is functionally the same as the Nano S wallet; But it has more facilities for managing transactions.

Ledger wallets support almost all valid cryptocurrencies as well as thousands of tokens, Tokens based on Ethereum, IAS, NEM, etc. Hence, one wallet is enough to hold most cryptocurrencies.


  • Having a CSPN (Security Level 1 Certificate) certificate from ANSSI
  • Very high security
  • Support for a wide range of digital currencies
  • Very strong development and support team


  • Not suitable for everyday use.



3.Trezor hardware wallet

Headquartered in the Czech Republic, Trezor is the first developer of Bitcoin hardware wallets for the public. This company, like Ledger, makes very secure hardware wallets; But it has fewer sales and acceptance than Ledger.

The most famous product of this company is the Trezor One wallet, but now a newer product named Trezor Model T has been released. These two products are not much different in terms of security, But Model T has more accessories. Also, Model One does not support Ripple and several other cryptocurrencies; But Model T also covers these cryptocurrencies. The price of the One Trezor model is about 59 dollars and the price of the T model is about 192 dollars.

The Trezor hardware wallet like a ledger keeps private keys completely safe and offline, and it is almost impossible to hack if certain aspects are observed from the user’s side.


  • Very high security
  • Support for more than a thousand coins and tokens (Model One does not support Ripple and some other cryptocurrencies.)
  • Ability to synchronize with a large number of wallet software
  • Appropriate size and weight


  • Not suitable for everyday use.
  • Weak body in one model



4.Mycelium wallet

Mycelium Wallet is one of the best mobile wallets for storing Bitcoins available for both Android and iOS.

Although Mycelium’s features aren’t as convenient as newer wallets; we can  call it one of the most secure and professional Bitcoin wallets. This software has added Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens to its list of cryptocurrencies.

Mycelium can also be used to connect to hardware wallets and is also a common tool for spending and transferring money into paper wallets.

In this wallet, the user has complete control over his private keys and assets, and various security options, including PIN, are embedded in it.


  • high security
  • Many additional features
  • Ability to connect to hardware wallets
  • The possibility of spending paper wallet


  • It only has a mobile version.
  • Poor user interface that is not suitable for beginners.
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