Miami Mayor’s Next Paycheck Will Be In Bitcoin

Miami mayor’s Francis Suarez has declared that he’s next paycheck will be in Bitcoin.

As a response to a tweet :”Who is going to be the first American politician to accept their salary in bitcoin?”. He tweeted that  he is going to take his next paycheck in bitcoin and asked Mike Sarasti, CIO and director of Innovation & Tech of the city of Miami, to make it happen. After that Sarasti replied he had already sent a link to the Mayor so he could register and receive his bitcoins.

The Miami mayor is one of the greatest bitcoin advocates among American politicians. Also he has claimed that cryptocurrency is his top priority. He has plans to transform  his city to a bitcoin hub and make it the world’s capital of cryptocurrency, where government employees are paid in bitcoin in addition to citizens who will be able to pay their taxes in cryptocurrency. But “it will be completely optional,” he assured. “We want our employees to have that option but it’s certainly not going to be something that we’re going to force on them.” He has been lobbying lawmakers for a long time. Even after China cracked down on mining cryptocurrencies and bitcoin, he also tried to attract bitcoin miners to his city.

Now Suarez’s proposal to integrate Bitcoin into Miami’s operations received approval in February however, the development has taken a halt. The mayor received support at a nationwide level shortly after, in April, but the progress has been slow so far.


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