Is Working from Home Good? Maybe Not.

Since the emergence of Covid-19 and during long lasting lockdowns all around the world, many employees experienced remote working from their own homes, yet despite the numerous vaccinations still many people are working from homes, some may have not even seen their co-workers face to face at all. After this some companies have decided to expand their different positions in remote working whether pandemic ends or continues. That’s a new issue to be discussed since remote working has many pros and cons and it is different from person to person. In this article some working from home advantages and disadvantages are discussed.



You may know your introverted friends who were the happiest during lockdown as they could avoid people and enjoy being by themselves. Or maybe you are one of them. Here are other pros of remote working:


working from home has provided an opportunity to employees which is flexible time, as they can work a few hours in morning or late at night based on their lifestyle and schedules. Because they are not stuck in an office they can work more flexibly. For example, calling a customer in a different time zone is much easier.

2.Saving time

as a remote worker you can spend more time with your family and loved ones. Also you will not get stuck in the morning traffic. Spending long hours on the way to work and back home is saved for you to rest or to do your hobbies.

3.A cleaner Earth

A research claimed that if everyone in the United States worked remotely half of the time, it could reduce greenhouse gas which vehicles make tons a year.

4.Money saving

You do not spend money on transportations or meals at work. Also you do not need to ride your car. Beside It has benefits for companies since they don’t need to provide office stuff and they need less space and they pay lower facilities payments, etc.

5.Brings more health:

Since employees work from their own space they mostly experience less stress during the day. Also They have more time to exercise.

6.Job satisfaction

People can take care of their children while working at home. Employees feel better as they think they have been trusted by their managers which may bring more staff loyalty for the company.

7.Increase in productivity

There are some reasons why productivity has risen by working from home, one of them is less distractions at home. Another one is illness, working from home reduces the risk of infections.



Sick of staying at home and missing colleagues is one of the working from home disadvantages. There are other cons which show remote working is not suitable for everyone.

1.Feeling isolated

Working alone specially for those who live alone brings loneliness. Even working in an individual office is better since you can see other on the way or in the hallway. Working from home doesn’t bring conversations with others to you.

2.loss of life-work balance

Despite a good life-work balance for some people, working from home can also unbalance life and work for others. Sometimes the line between life and work is blurred since there is no limitation for tasks.

3.difficulty to make a routine

It is hard to make a routine and stick to it since there are many things at home and there are no obligations to do things at a specific time. On the other hand, there are many distractions such as house work, calls, children, etc.

4.difficult monitoring

Since a manager cannot walk around the office or hold a meeting in the office it becomes hard to check the tasks and holding meetings. Also to have a better connection between workers there are cyber meetings which are not as distracting as face to face meetings but they take time as more meetings are needed to schedule a project from individual homes.

5.not suitable for all jobs

Some jobs cannot be run efficiently by working from home.

6.not suitable for everyone

It doesn’t suites some personalities and their lifestyle, some people work better in an office. Some people need to have a routine and put a line between their job and life. Some people need their colleagues to be beside them in order to ask for help. Even some people don’t have sufficient space for this kind of work.


The bottom line is

After Covid-19 the world has experienced things it wouldn’t have before. Some big changes have happened, many experts talk about the world’s future after the pandemic and one of the discussions is working from home with its pros and cons. Corona showed us how to use technology in order to save lives. To sum up the article, there are many companies that have decided to continue remote working after the pandemic if you like working from home, talk to your manager or find a company which lets you do so.



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