How to Make and Sell NFTs? Beginners’ guide

Over the past year, we’ve heard a lot of new words about the crypto world and metaverse, and one of the most frequent news stories was about NFT series, NFT and celebrities, NFT and legal issues, and so on. You also have seen the unbelievable price of some NFTs and taught yourself why not? I can sell one. For the very first step, it is necessary to know what NFT is and then we tell you how to build an NFT and sell it to others.


What is an NFT?

Let’s talk about it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a clue about NFTs. We will take you to the NFT world. First keep in mind that if your friend has told you just to sell your pet’s picture as an NFT, it is not that easy.

NFT or non-fungible tokens, are digital tokens that are stored on the blockchain. Despite cryptocurrencies where two coins are equal, for example, there is no difference between two Bitcoins, each NFT is unique and people can use it as an ownership document to prove their asset’s ownership.

Most of the time files are not stored on the blockchain instead a link to the NFT and a token which is its Ownership document, are stored on the blockchain.

You can sell any digital file as an NFT but if you are searching for an NFT market with an easy buying and selling process you will be limited to marketplaces with specific support formats. For the first time, your NFT can be a picture, video, or sound file.


Step 1: be sure that you want to sell an NFT

If you want to make an NFT just because others do the same you should consider that there is a transaction fee. If your NFT is sold on the Ethereum blockchain each transaction on Ethereum has its fee and costs amount which is paid to the miners and the fee is called ‘gas’ on Ethereum blockchain. The amount of gas that you pay is different from transaction to transaction. Notice that paying the gas doesn’t guarantee that your transfer has been done although most of the transfers are done successfully.


Step 2: choose an NFT marketplace

There are dozens of NFT markets. In this article an NFT market is explained if it is not suitable for you to choose Atomichub which uses Wax blockchain or Solsea based on Solana blockchain.

Both OpenSea lets you build your NFT on Ethereum blockchain without any costs by its system: Lazy Minting. Lazy Minting lets you build an NFT on the blockchain without putting it on the blockchain for sale so it cuts the fees.

OpenSea is one of the biggest NFT platforms which lets you build and sell your NFT. On this platform, you can convert digital  arts and anything about yourself to NFTs and sell them.


Step 3: make a wallet

The wallets are programs to save your digital currency on them. you can use your wallet for your NFTs. For example, MetaMask is a wallet that is adopted by most NFT programs based on Ethereum such as OpenSea.

Add MetaMask extension to your explorer and then create an account on it, save the password and your Seed Phrase which is used when you want to use your wallet on another computer.


Step4: connect your wallet to an NFT market

After making a wallet you should connect it to markets such as OpenSea or Rabile by clicking on Create.

After connecting your wallet, you are transferred to a page that lets you build your NFT. If you didn’t reach the page automatically click on create to go on.


Step 5: building an NFT on OpenSea

After clicking on create you reach a new page ‘create new item’. To start your job, click on the icon, this part lets you upload the file which you want to sell as an NFT. After selling your file, put a name on it. And use description to give the buyers a better look at your NFT.

After all, there is a cupboard menu to choose your blockchain or Mint. We choose a polygon chain since it does not cost you  yet. After all, check your information again. After checking you can press create. And then when it is done you see a note which says your NFT is created. But still, your NFT is not on OpenSea for sale for this one first exists the congratulation page to reach your NFT page click on Create tab, and choose NFT. On the NFT page, there is a sell button.

Once you list your Ethereum blockchain or NFT polygon, you can set a flat price for it, and on the Ethereum blockchain, you have the option to run a scheduled auction.

Click the ‘Complete Listing’ button to list your NFT for sale. You must approve or sign multiple transactions with your wallet, whether using a browser extension or an application. On the Polygon network, transactions are free and you will see a page indicating that your NFT item is listed.

Once all transactions have been verified and signed, your NFT will be listed for sale on OpenSea.






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