All About Airdrop Plus Beginners’ Guide

You may have checked your crypto wallet and found out tokens which you had not purchased before. How does it happen? The answer is airdrop! To know more about airdrop read this article. In this article we will tell you what airdrop is and why airdrop happens. Also we will tell you how to benefit from it.


What is airdrop?

Airdrop means the aid which is sent from an airplane to help people. Sometimes the cryptocurrency providers give tokens to those who use Ethereum wallets by holding the airdrop. In the crypto world, airdrop means free tokens received by crypto owners.


What is airdrop for?

There are sufficient reasons behind the airdrop project. Actually airdrop is a marketing method. The crypto donators benefit from it by raising the customers’ awareness about their specific token. Airdrop is like a wide advertisement since all people talk about their new tokens.


 Airdrop goals

  1. raising the awareness
  2. a gift to the customer
  3. observing budget
  4. collecting information
  5. decentralized the tokens’ dividing


 Do I also get free tokens?

If you have the Etherscan wallet check it out. If on top of the page you can see token tracker tab this means you have received tokens from the air drop. If you cannot see token tracker tab it means you have not received token yet.



 All types of airdrop

Airdrops have different types but these three are the most important ones. Three main types pf air drop are:

Standard airdrop

To receive this airdrop, you must register directly on a specific website or platform. After you do this, you will receive some free tokens.

Bounty airdrop

This kind of airdrop is given to customers who have done something positive. You can get this kind of airdrop by retweeting the twitter’s tweets, or you can follow Instagram or you can and etc.

Airdrop holder

To get this kind of airdrop you need to have a specific amount on the token and save it for a long time. Once. If you have both Ethereum and bitcoin save them for a long period of time



How to attend to an air drop?

To buy cryptocurrency you go to exchanges. Also to get airdrop you need something. So continue the following steps to get our airdrop soon.

Get a wallet

The first step is to provide a wallet. Suitable wallet is wallet which supports ERC20 since most of the tokens are offered on these wallets. Be Careful that your wallet must be activated so providing and installing a wallet is not enough since some token dividers check the activity of the wallet or the amount of crypto it has.

Email and active social networks

Usually to get the airdrop, the divider asks for your email so specify an email address to airdrop. It also helps you not to miss the next airdrops. To get informed about the newest airdrops you should be active on your social media and check the news.



Valid airdrop websites

There are valid websites which provide airdrop. It is recommended to know them.

This website is one of the most famous airdrop sites. You can track your airdrop by using this website. To do so you need to enter the website and then enter your wallet address in the search box. After that a ribbon will be shown on top of the page and shows your airdrops. If you cannot see such a ribbon it means that you have not had an airdrop yet.

In this website you can see accurate information about the airdrops and their builders and their token value besides tracking your airdrops. This is the latest airdrop part on this site which allows the users to get informed about new airdrops.


Twitter is one the most famous airdrop platforms. With a twitter account you can easily be informed about airdrops. Be Careful to follow the valid accounts and not all users on it and do not trust all tweets on this platform.



 Cryptocurrency and airdrop

Be careful not to be fooled by fake ads and only follow reputable airdrops. It is very common for scammers to come to you with a false promise to deposit money. They will take away some of your wealth through the temptation of users.

So only follow reputable sources. This is because cryptocurrency companies, when they intend to hold a digital currency airdrop, will undoubtedly announce this on their official social networks. Fake accounts do not have a long life and it is easy to find out the truth by examining the history of the posts they post.

He never gives his private key to anyone. Scammers usually receive private scammers on the pretext that they are trying to gain access to users’ inventory.





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