8 Ways to Make Money Out of Cryptocurrency Without Investing in Crypto

Earning money from the cryptocurrency world is not limited to investing in crypto. You can have an outcome in the crypto world by giving crypto services to crypto owners. Some of these services don’t need academical education. They only need creativity and experience. The cryptocurrency world offers different ways to get money out of it from mining and stacking to DeFi’s benefits and NFTs. It seems that there are many ways for beginners to find themselves and find a job in this world. there are nine ways discussed below to earn a salary out of crypto without investing in it.


1. Giving accounting and tax advice to cryptocurrency investors

Cryptocurrency traders and investors need a financial consultant. There are many rules for investing and taxing cryptocurrencies. If you are an accountant or you have a background in finance, you can provide consulting services to investors in cryptocurrencies or companies which work on blockchain technology. You can advise about sorting their outcome whether it is the benefit of it is the investment. You can help people with cryptocurrency taxing issues. People will pay for your services.


2. Cryptoteraphy

Based on a psychological report some cryptocurrency investors may act as addicted people or like people who gamble. Although cryptocurrency may bring a great fortune people should avoid risking all their money in it. On the other hand, some people cannot sleep because they are always checking the market and they have become addicted to this behavior. If you are a certificated professional, you can offer your services on online platforms related to cryptocurrency. You can appoint online or physical commitments for your clients. Notice that in this way you need to have fundamental knowledge about the cryptocurrency market.


3. Working in companies related to cryptocurrency

Professional people are always needed in the crypto world. companies founded on crypto are searching to hire talented people such as developers, digital marketers, content creators, UI and UX professionals, etc. Companies related to this field usually pay considerable salaries, and if you want to enter the field of investment, your income may also include cryptocurrencies.


4. Legal services

Companies related to cryptocurrencies are always looking forward to expanding their business and they are looking for new markets later or sooner they will need a professional lawyer. If you are a professional lawyer and you have enough information about cryptocurrency you can choose this position. You can inform companies about how to organize their products and services by following the legal framework in different jurisdictions.


5. Building mining farms

The mining farms are the warehouses where the miners are located in there. For example, Enigma, now one of the largest digital currency mining companies in the world, started operating several conventional metal sheds a few years ago. Entrepreneurs can provide services to help set up these sheds or containers for mining gravel. These sheds or containers can also be custom-built depending on the resources and size of the operation.


6. Maintenance of mining farms

From simple dusting of mining grains to troubleshooting techniques, maintenance services can be provided to bitcoin producers. These services may include receiving mining equipment using special devices. More advanced maintenance also includes removing equipment, opening, and cleaning the environment inside.

In addition, you can test the resistance of mining rigs to power fluctuations, or replace faulty graphics card (GPU) risers and provide similar technical services to your customers. To begin with, you can go to a mining farm and sign a contract to perform these services.


7. Construction of mining rig chassis

The chassis is a means of mounting pieces of sand. If you are good at making such tools, you can make a chassis or frame and give it to mining companies. Alternatively, you can publish them in online stores or associations for digital currency extractors who may need to replace or upgrade their hardware.

As a basic idea, with a little creativity, you can build an atrium extraction rig mining chassis that can hold up to 12 graphics cards, and if you consider a fair price for it, customers will probably find your product.


8. Design of hardware wallets and accessories

You can create luxury graphic designs for the appearance of hardware wallets and present them to companies that produce popular hardware wallets such as Trezor and Ledger.

Accessories related to these wallets can also have a special design, functional, or only decorative aspect; However, other accessory ideas can turn into a lucrative revenue stream.












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